2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiative Funding

In support of the advancement of NEOMED’s mission, leadership committed $500,000 to fund initiatives within the NEOMED Strategic Plan: Creating Transformational Leaders. Requests should contribute to one or more of the strategic focus areas by providing an Exceptional Experience; celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; promoting Leadership; or developing our People.
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Review of funding requests will occur on the dates below:

Strategic Initiative Funding Review/Award Cycle
Deadline for Working Groups to Submit Pillar Leads Receive Documents for Review SPLT Receives Documents for Review SPLT Meeting to Award Requests
Jan. 11 Jan. 13 Feb. 10 Feb. 20
March 8 March 10 April 7 April 17
May 3 May 5 June 2 June 12

Please contact Samantha Bliss, manager of strategic initiatives, at sbliss@neomed.edu with any questions regarding the Strategic Initiative Funding application or to be connected with a pillar lead.


  1. Proposals should demonstrate strategic alignment and University impact.
  2. Proposals for new programs should demonstrate alignment within the existing infrastructure (e.g., Writing Center).
  3. Positions
    • Temporary positions funded from SIF should demonstrate strategic alignment and include a plan for sustainability beyond funding, if applicable (e.g., pilot program).
    • New permanent positions or changes to existing positions must be backed with a plan for inclusion in the upcoming ZBB process.
    • Any positions must include a job description and HR evaluation and grading.
  1. Proposals should demonstrate acknowledgement of University policies and procedures (e.g., RFP process).
  2. Proposals should outline sustainability beyond funding or any milestones for completion.
  3. Priority is given when students are involved or the focus.
  4. Any space renovation or expansion should go to the space committee as a first step.
  5. Proposals with innovation programming and growth opportunities will be prioritized.
  6. Curricular recommendations must go through respective curriculum committees.
  7. Software and/or technology requests should follow the process outlined by the Technology Advisory Council.
  8. The Vice President for Strategy and Transformation can adjust budgets within 5% as needed.

To see what was funded in FY22 click here.

SIF is open to divisions, departments, faculty, staff and students who have developed SMART goals and actionable plans designed to implement and execute the NEOMED strategic plan initiatives.

Work collaboratively with one or more of the strategic pillar leads to ensure your request demonstrates alignment with the NEOMED strategic plan.

Inform your divisional lead to ensure your request aligns with divisional goals.

Develop your SMART goals, metrics, and a general budget to answer the SIF application questions.

Exceptional Experience: By creating a welcoming, supportive and well-resourced environment, NEOMED sets the stage for meaningful interactions among its students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, and community members. The University empowers every individual to participate fully in the campus experience and the community that NEOMED serves.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: NEOMED recognizes, appreciates and celebrates all of the ways ― from backgrounds to viewpoints ― that people are different. The University’s culture is grounded in respect and thrives on the uniqueness of each individual. NEOMED encourages everyone’s participation by fostering policies and practices that ensure fair and just access, treatment, and opportunities for all.

Leadership: NEOMED creates positive change by educating and training Ohio’s next generation of health professionals, educators, and researchers through experiential learning, high-impact research, strategic partnerships, and innovation. By designing an environment where ideas and connections can flourish, NEOMED is transforming health care.

People: Talent is NEOMED’s most valuable asset. The University invests in developing its faculty and staff to realize their fullest potential. As it works to attract and retain a diverse workforce and student body, NEOMED embraces opportunity and growth across all levels of the institution.

Complete and submit your request using the Strategic Initiative Funding Form.

Review of the SIF requests follows a monthly review cycle.

All applicants will be notified of the status of their requests.

Upon award, the Strategy Office will help to work through a detailed budget and transfer funds.

To track progress, quarterly strategic review sessions will be scheduled with a Strategy Office representative.


Samantha Bliss
Phone: 330.325.6252
Email: sbliss@neomed.edu