Heart & Blood Vessel Disease Research

Blood Vessel Growth

A research cluster within the Heart and Blood Vessel Disease Research Focus Area, the Blood Vessel Growth cluster is comprised of six researchers.

In Dr. Thodeti’s laboratories, research is directed at the study of blood vessel growth in the body. In a disease, such as cancer, stopping the growth of blood vessels could starve the tumor of nutrients and stop its growth. In the eye, especially during diabetes, too much blood vessel growth can cause blindness. Drs. Dong, Penn and Yin are stimulating blood vessel growth that benefits other diseases, like heart failure, as increasing numbers of capillaries in heart muscle would enable more nutrients and oxygen to reach the weakened muscle and help the heart maintain its pumping action. In heart disease, Drs. Chilian, Ohanyan and Yin have found that, stimulating the growth of blood vessel in the heart termed, collateral, could serve the same function of a bypass that a surgeon has to create during bypass surgery.



William M. Chilian, Ph.D.
Director, Heart & Blood Vessel Disease Research Area
Phone: 330.325.6426
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