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Sexual Harassment in the Medical Workplace

All specialties in medicine are affected by sexual harassment and gender discrimination, but certain specialties are disproportionally affected and have historically reported higher rates – in particular, surgery and its subspecialties, says Christina Girgis, M.D., a 2005 graduate of the College of Medicine who practices in the Chicago area. 

In cardiothoracic surgery, 90% of women trainees experienced sexual harassment, according to one study cited by Dr. Girgis in the article “Get Used to It” in the Spring 2021 issue of Ignite

“NICE TRY” is a mnemonic device that Dr. Girgis created to help physicians in training to guard against sexual harassment.

Change is needed, starting with medical governing bodies, Dr. Girgis told the article’s author, Elaine Guregian: “Responsibility for ensuring that trainees feel competent to manage the issue rests with those at the top.”

Read “Get Used to It” in the Spring 2021 issue of Ignite.