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Recapping Year One of Strategic Initiative Funding

In support of the advancement of NEOMED’s mission, University leadership committed $1,000,000 to fund initiatives within the NEOMED Strategic Plan: Creating Transformational Leaders.

Kicking off in September 2021, the strategic plan lead team reviewed a wide range of proposals supporting every pillar in the plan, including People, Education, Discovery, Service and Community Engagement, Growth, and Administrative and Academic Support Operations. Fiscal Year 2022 funding was awarded as follows: 

Dollars Allocated: $1,000,000 

Dollars Requested through SIF Proposals: $2,531,153 

Dollars Awarded: $943,717 

Award Rounds: 10 

Proposals Submitted: 36 

Proposals Funded: 23 

Over the course of 10 review cycles, 23 proposals were successfully funded. Of the proposals that received funding, 16 are dedicated to new action plans expanding the work already underway in support of the 42 strategic initiatives. These proposals support new projects such as the URM Documentary, the Disability Studies and Health Professions Expansion Program, and the NEOMED Journal of Medical Sciences.

“It’s been exciting to see the campus community embrace the opportunity to identify gaps and come up with ideas to move NEOMED forward,” says Lacey Madison, chief strategy officer.  

The seven remaining funded proposals support high impact action plans previously submitted through the pillar working groups. These include projects such as the exceptional student experience, the University Enrollment Council, the NEOMED Writing Center and translational research, to name a few. 

As a result of the overwhelming response in FY 2022, the strategy office is happy to announce strategic initiative funding will continue into FY 2023. Please contact Samantha Bliss, manager of strategic initiatives, at to learn more about Strategic Initiative Funding or to be connected with a pillar lead.