Learning, Teaching & Working Continuity

Guide to Working Remotely

Working remotely brings with it a unique set of challenges. Balancing work and family demands within the same space daily can be especially difficult.

Check out these helpful tips to help you navigate this new dynamic.

Set a schedule, routine and boundaries

The new demands on your time may lead you to realize that your normal work schedule does not allow for the flexibility needed to also care for home demands.  Work with your manager to determine a work schedule that allows you to work when you’re at your best.  Once established, let your colleagues, friends and family know your work schedule and stick to it—this means you as well!  Frequently with remote work, employees feel as though they can never truly disconnect from work.  Set boundaries so that you do not feel as though you need to work constantly simply because you are working remotely.   Routine can bring a sense of normalcy, so try to stick to your routine as much as possible, and yes, this means getting dressed.  While dress code is a great perk of remote work, just try not to wear sweats every day!

Stay connected

Not being able to stop by and chat with a coworker or connect with your colleague over coffee can be one of the most difficult challenges with remote work.  Social isolation can be an energy drain as well.  Work relationships are still there, they just need to happen virtually!  Chances are good that your colleague misses those interactions with you as well, so reach out to your work buddy and schedule a call or text-chat.  Stay engaged in social media opportunities to connect with your fellow NEOMED coworkers.  Find a way to connect socially.

Establish a dedicated work area

We’ve all seen those social media posts of the makeshift work-from-home offices, but having a space can be helpful for remote workers to identify ‘work’ space from their ‘home’ space.  Having a dedicated location allows us to be away from work outside of work hours.  It doesn’t have to be a formal office, just functional and a space that allows you focused work.

Limit distractions

With the abrupt change to remote work, many employees have had to make drastic changes to their lives there may be distractions during those meetings where we all become the BBC Dad.  Be compassionate with yourself and others during these times and support one another by understanding that we are all doing our best to balance the demands of their work and home life.


Clarity in emails becomes ever more important when the recipient is trying to decipher meaning behind the content, so being clear in your emails will help avoid additional confusion or work in understanding the email.  Additionally, let your manager know the best ways to communicate with you during the day.  We’re all stressed during this time, so take extra care in the tone of communications.  Additionally, communicating through several channels throughout your day may help you remain engaged with your team.


Know yourself and your needs to be able to remain engaged in work, so if you find yourself dragging midway through your day and need a break, go for a walk, enjoy nature, meditate, exercise, whatever is needed to help care for yourself.  And be sure to actually take a lunch!