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Working Remotely

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Guide to Working Remotely

Working remotely brings with it a unique set of challenges. Balancing work and family demands within the same space daily can be especially difficult.


managing Remote Workers

As a leader, helping your employees transition to working remotely can be challenging, but these tips may help you to guide your team through this dynamic and hopefully help them avoid burnout.

TIPS ON Managing Remote Workers

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Principles

Participating in the program during normal work hours allows employees to remain productive members of their teams. With the foundational knowledge gained by this training, employees may determine if they wish to continue learning and complete formal yellow or green belt certification.


Self-care & wellness

Resources are available for managing self-care and wellness as we learn to work and teach in a new environment.

Self-care & wellness resources

Telecommuting Knowledge Base

The Office of Information Technology maintains a Knowledge Base of articles on telecommuting or working remotely. These articles may provide how-to information, links to training and additional resources you need in the event that individuals are unable to work on campus.

Access telecommuting articles

Get Technical Support

Need technical support to enable you to work remotely?

Access Support resources