Learning, Teaching & Working Continuity

Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption

Pedagogy in Times of Disruption

Teaching during times of potential disruption requires creative and flexible thinking about how instructors can support students in achieving essential core course learning objectives. This document offers suggestions for instructors in NEOMED to continue offering a student-centered learning experience in a remote or online learning environment.

While the process will no doubt feel unfamiliar and at times possibly frustrating, try as much as possible to be patient. There will always be hiccups, but times of disruption are, by their nature, disruptive, and everyone expects that. Be willing to switch tactics if something isn’t working. Above all, stay focused on making sure the students are comfortable, and keep a close eye on the course learning goals–while you might not be able to teach something exactly the way you imagined, as long as you’re still meeting the learning goals of the course, you’re doing fine.

Current NEOMED Policies & Recommendations

The most up-to-date university recommendations are at neomed.edu/continuity.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous?

Instructors may choose to engage their students synchronously or asynchronously depending on the course content or material that needs to be taught. There are many advantages and disadvantages to asynchronous and synchronous teaching options.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

Key Tools & Functions within Sakai (AIMS)

New to AIMS? Learn the orientation to key AIMS tools and functions.

Key Tools & Functions in AIMS

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform for which NEOMED owns a license. Zoom allows you to engage in live Web conversations with your students using audio, video, and text-based chat features.

What is Zoom?

Shifting Classes online

There are three options to temporarily shifting classes online: Live with Zoom, pre-recorded lectures, or skipping video lectures. You may even set up virtual office hours.

Shifting Classes online

Other Use Cases

Learn more about student presentations, written discussions, the use of chat, peer review and more.

Other Use Cases

Resources to Learn More

Additional resources are available to learn more about teaching effectively during times of disruption.

Resources to Learn More

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