Degrees & Certificates

Each of NEOMED’s three colleges offer a doctoral degree. In total, the University offers seven degree programs in addition to partnership, dual and joint graduate degrees. The combined total forms a dozen opportunities from which qualified students may choose.

Anesthesiologist Assistant

Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia

Designed to provide students with the didactic, clinical and simulation education required to deliver safe, patient-centered anesthetic care as a Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant (CAA).
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Biomedical Sciences

Master of Science & Ph.D

In partnership with Kent State University, the biomedical sciences degree program is designed to promote research and education in the biomedical disciplines. Individuals in the program have the opportunity to carry out their research with scientists at NEOMED.
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Doctor of Medicine


The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program is designed to develop the characteristics that people want to see in their physicians. The four-year curriculum fuses behavioral, biological, clinical, community health and social sciences with the humanities. Students are grounded in the complex interplay of these disciplines as they pertain to patient care and health outcomes.
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Doctor of Pharmacy


The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree program offers an innovative and interprofessional curriculum that blends classroom and practice experiences to give graduates the knowledge, skills and professionalism that is necessary to succeed as a pharmacist. Student-centered learning is a critical component; at least 30 percent of pharmacy courses are offered through active learning exercises.
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Foundations of Medicine


The Foundation of Medicine program is designed to train the next generation of anatomists and anatomy educators. The program provides a high volume of hands-on experience in a research setting and the opportunity to work and learn as part of an interprofessional team with health care professionals.

Global Health

Graduate Certificate

Designed to create future leaders in global and underserved health who overcome existing challenges through unconventional and innovative solutions that transform healthcare in resource-limited settings.

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Health Research

Graduate Certificate

This certificate provides students with an opportunity to enhance their professional education or to serve as a pathway toward graduate education in health sciences.
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Health-System Pharmacy Administration

Master of Science (M.S.)

The health-system pharmacy administration degree program is designed for individuals who wish to build on their professional competence and enable them to manage complex health-system pharmacy departments at the institutional and department levels.

This degree program is also offered as a Master of Science/residency program track.
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Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine

Master of Science (M.S.), Ph.D., or Dual M.D./Ph.D. or Pharm.D./Ph.D.

The main objective of the integrated pharmaceutical medicine degree program is to educate and develop first-rate scholars and independent investigators within an integrated curriculum. Graduates of this program will have a unique perspective on the linkage of pharmaceutical sciences to medical disciplines, especially with regard to disease mechanisms and targets for therapeutic interventions.

Leadership in Health System Science

Master of Science (M.S.)

Develop your professionalism and leadership skills while advancing your knowledge of health systems science in our Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science program. You will learn to analyze the way care is delivered within a health care organization to improve patient care and maximize health.

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Medical Ethics & Humanities

Master of Arts (M.A.) or Certificate

As medical science and technology continue to advance, there is an increasing concern over professional and ethical responsibilities in providing optimal care to patients and their families, and addressing issues among colleagues and institutions including, but not limited to: effective utilization of scarce or limited resources, disclosure of conflicts of interest, balancing healthcare delivery with clinical research, and developing therapeutic relationships in light of controversial public health policies and laws.

Public Health


This program provides graduates with a foundation of public health skills and knowledge, including analytic skills, research strategies, community assessment methods, program implementation, evaluation and policy development within an ethical and culturally sensitive perspective.


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