Academic Affairs, Division of

Phone: 330.325.6258
Email: dloyet@neomed.edu
Web: Academic Affairs

Academic Services, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6349
Email: trobinson@neomed.edu

Academic Technology Services, Office of

Phone: 330.325.5969
Email: media@neomed.edu (for room service requests)
Email: aims@neomed.edu (for LMS service requests)
Web: Academic Technology

Accessibility Services

Phone: 330.325.6756
Email: accommodations@neomed.edu
Web: Accessibility Services

Accounting & Purchasing

Phone: 330.325.6399
Intranet: Accounting and Purchasing


College of Medicine Admissions: jthompson@neomed.edu | Website
College of Pharmacy Admissions: kjeroski@neomed.edu | Website
College of Graduate Studies Admissions: cogs.staff@neomed.edu | Website

Advancement, Division of

Phone: 330.325.6671
Email: landerson1@neomed.edu
Website: Division of Advancement

Alumni Relations, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6671
Email: alumnioffice@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/alumni

Anatomy & Neurobiology, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6636
Email: dheeter@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/an

Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Phone: 330.325.6584
Email: rjohnson4@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/ahec

Assessment, Office of – College of Pharmacy

Phone: 330.325.6575
Email: copassessment@neomed.edu
Web: Office of Assessment (Pharmacy)

Auxiliary Services

Phone: 330.325.6855
Email: ddonzella@neomed.edu

BeST Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center

Phone: 330.325.6695
Email: bestcenter@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/bestcenter

Blue Fund

Phone: 330.325.6663
Email: ceynon@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/give/bluefund/

Board of Trustees

Phone: 330.325.6263
Email: mmulhern@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/boardoftrustees

Body Donation Program

Phone: 330.325.6317
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/about/body-donation-program/

Bookstore, The Nook

Phone: 330.325.6551
Email: ckovacich@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/bookstore


Phone: 330.325.6728
*Intranet: Budget and Business


Phone: 330.325.6369
Email: jkovach1@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/bursar

Campus Operations

Phone: 330.325.6193
Email: tmeffert@neomed.edu


Phone: 330.325.6735
Website: www.neomed.edu/commencement

Community-Based Mental Health Research Focus Area

Email: jritter@neomed.edu<
Website: neomed.edu/research/cbmh

Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU)

Phone: 330.325.6558

Conference Services

Phone: 330.325.6855
Email: ddonzella@neomed.edu
Intranet: Conference Services

Continuing Education

Phone: 330.325.6460
Email: wwithey@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/academics/continuing-education/

Counseling (Center for Student Wellness and Counseling)

Phone: 330.325.6757
Email: counseling@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/cswc/

Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence (CJCCOE)

Phone: 330.325.6670
Email: cjccoe@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/cjccoe


Phone: 330.325.6671
Email: landerson1@neomed.edu

Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism Research Focus Area

Email: yzhang@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/research/dom

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6733
Email: diversity@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/diversity

Emergency Medicine, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6294
Email: jmccourtie@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/em

Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety, Office of

*Intranet: Environmental & Occcupational Health & Safety

Faculty Relations & Professional Development, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6817
Email: facultyrelations@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/facultyrelations
*Intranet: Faculty Relations

Family & Community Medicine, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6670
Email: jef@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/fcm

Financial Aid, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6275
Email: finaid@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/financialaid

Foundation, The NEOMED

Phone: 330.325.6261
Email: driley@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/give/neomed-foundation

General Counsel, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6354
Email: lnoland@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/generalcounsel

Global Engagement, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6184
Email: vtorres@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/global

Government Relations & External Affairs, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6264
Email: jcoon@neomed.edu

Graduate Studies, College of

Website: neomed.edu/graduatestudies

Health Affairs, Division of

Phone: 330.325.6812
Email: emurphy1@neomed.edu

Hearing Research Focus Area

Email: mrosen@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/research/hearing

Heart & Blood Vessel Disease Research Focus Area

Email: wchilian@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/research/heart-blood-vessel

Help Desk (IT)

Email: help@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/it/

Human Resources, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6729
Email: hroffice@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/hr
*Intranet: Human Resources

Information Technology (IT), Office of

Phone: 330.325.6911
Email: help@neomed.edu
Web: neomed.edu/it
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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Phone: 330.325.6558
Email: sdannemiller@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/iacuc

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Phone: 330.325.6364
Email: paw@neomed.edu
Web: neomed.edu/ibc

Institutional Research, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6258
Email: dloyet@neomed.edu
Web: neomed.edu/ir

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Phone: 330.325.6364
Email: paw@neomed.edu
Web: www.neomed.edu/irb

Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS), Department of

Phone: 330.325.6436
Email: iciccozzi@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/ims

Interprofessional Education Services

Phone: 330.325.6734
Email: konen@neomed.edu

Internal Medicine, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6458
Email: mkshipp@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/internalmedicine


Phone: 330.325.6600
Email: library@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/library

Learning Center

Phone: 330.325.6715
Email: lc@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/learningcenter

Marketing & Communications, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6618
Email: marcom@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/marcom
Marketing & Communications

Medicine, College of

Phone: 330.325.6311
Email: jlint@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine

Musculoskeletal Research Focus Area

Email: fayez.safadi@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/research/musculoskeletal

NEOMED Foundation

Phone: 330.325.6261
Email: driley@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/give/neomed-foundation

Operations and Finance, Office of

Email: mtaylor4@neomed.edu
Web: Operations and Finance

President, Office of the

Phone: 330.325.6252
Email: president@neomed.edu

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6689
Email: charris1@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy/pharmsci

Pharmacy, College of

Phone: 330.325.6446
Contact us: Please use this form to contact us.
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy

Pharmacy Practice, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6390
Email:  ppfeifer@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy/pharmacypractice

Police Department

Phone: 330.325.6489
Email: police@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/police

Printing Services

Phone: 330.325.6385
Email: printingservices@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/printing

Project ECHO

Phone: 330.325.6812
Email: neomedecho@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/projectecho

Psychiatry, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6690
Email: dmcconne@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/psychiatry

Public Safety & Security

Phone: 330.325.6489
Email: police@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/police
Intranet: Public Safety

Radiation & Laser Safety Committee (RLSC)

Phone: 330.325.6364
Email: paw@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/rlsc


Phone: 330.325.6478
Email: registrar@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/registrar
*Intranet: Registrar

REDIzone®, The

Phone: 330.325.6218
Email: ereed@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/redizone

Research & Sponsored Programs, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6499
Email: nhose@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/orsp
*Intranet: Research and Sponsored Programs

Retirees Association of NEOMED (R.A.N.)

Website: www.neomed.edu/ran

Sequoia Wellness

Phone: 330.325.6102
Website: sequoia-wellness.com

Student Services, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6735
Email: studentservices@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/studentservices/

Student Wellness & Counseling Services, Center for

Phone: 330.325.6484
Email: jdougall@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/cswc

Social Media

Phone: 330.325.6624
Email: social@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/social


Phone: 330.325.7171

Village at NEOMED, The

Phone: 330.422.4200
Email: info@thevillageatneomed.com
Website: thevillageatneomed.com

Wasson Center for Clinical Skills, The

Phone: 330.325.6745
Email: wasson@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/wasson

White Coat Ceremony

Phone: 330.325.6735
Email: studentservices@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/whitecoat

Writing Center

Location: In the library, L202-A
Email: writingcenter@neomed.edu


Main Campus
Phone: 800.686.2511
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